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The following community members support Cedarburg Parents for Responsible HG&D Education in their efforts to provide responsible, abstinence-focused yet comprehensive human growth and development programs for 7th, 8th and 9th graders in Cedarburg.

Mark and Amy Arnholt, Educator

Sheri Bestor, MA Curriculum/Instruction, Founder/President NSAA

Kristen Bibby

Hellen Butler, Educator

Kip Butler, Police Sergeant

Anne Brosowsky-Roth

Jennifer and Jon Carlson

Jeff and DeWayna Cherrington

Chris and Lisa Crain

Christina Englebert, MD (Pediatrician)

Veneeta and Jim Fraser

Tony Frontier, PhD

Mark and Laurie Gregory

Susan Grosskoph

Tim and Beth Hagen, MD (Pediatrician)

Dan Hagerman, MD (Pediatrician)

Dawn Hildebrand Root, BS in Education

Deb Ingrassia

Jackie Janz

Rev. Dr. Janis Kinens

Gordon Leech

Ann and Scott Manning

Sheri Mounts, RN

Julie Mrotek, RN

Will Mrotek

Tanya Naas

Wendy Orthober

Jim and Sue Pelikan

Jennifer Phelps

Mary Pomplun, Middle School Teacher

Brian Pomplun

Bill Riker

Therese Lysaught Riker, PhD

Deni Rogers

Heidi Erven Rowley, School Psychologist

Andrew Rowley

Teri Schwab, Educator

Diane Tegtmeier, RN, BSN

Marc and Kristin Wall

Tricia Wessel-Blaski, Assistant Professor of Psychology/Education, UW Washington County

Joe and Maria Zajkowski

If you'd like to show your support for the efforts of Cedarburg Parents for Responsible HG&D Edcuation to bring a responsible, comprehensive and medically accurate HG&D program to Cedarburg for Cedarburg teens please click here to send us an email asking for your name to be added to this list. This list will be posted on this website and on our Facebook page and will not be used for any other purposes.

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