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7th grade: HG&D 101: 

This course is intended for 7th graders and 8th graders who did not take the "REAL HG&D" program last year. (Parents of 8th graders may choose to place their child in either HG&D 101 or HG&D 201). 

This session is tailored for students for whom much if this information may be new, and provides basic information about reproductive anatomy, the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty, pregnancy and birth, contraception, and sexually transmitted infections. More importantly, we’ll also explore effective communication skills, healthy relationships, and discuss issues like how individuals sort and process the information they get from all different sources. Finally, we’ll talk about what it really means to be sexually abstinent and help students develop tools that they can use to negotiate for their own needs and reach their own goals.

This program was developed with the help of local medical, educational and public health professionals based on guidelines recommended by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, guidelines used by other schools in the area, and defined in the 2012 National Sexuality Education Standards Core Content and skills for grades K-12, published by the American School Health Association. 

8th grade: HG&D 202:  

This course is intended for students in 8th grade and will focus on healthy relationships. Parents of 8th graders who did not participate in last year's course may choose to place their child in either HG&D 101 or HG&D 201. 

During adolescence, youth move to establish independence from their parents while building stronger relationships with friends and peers. During this half day session, participants will have the opportunity to think about behaviors that put them at risk for negative health outcomes. Activities and discussion will help youth explore definitions and characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and will increase their skills, comfort and ability to discuss relationship issues with their dating partners as well as with the trusted adults in their lives. 

9th grade: HG&D 303:

Our kids have lots of decisions to make. Do they want to go to college? What kind of career are they thinking about? Do they ever want to be parent? What kinds of relationships would they like to have with friends, families and dating partners? This half day workshop explores how the decisions that adolescents make today can impact their futures and ability to meet their goals. Participants will think about what healthy relationships look like and will develop individual plans that will help keep them on track so that they can meet their future goals.

11th and 12th grade: HG&D 401:

This is a course we've considered adding if there is a sufficient demand. The issue of consent is often overlooked when providing sexuality education, even though it’s a critical part of healthy sexual development and relationships. Participants will also discuss what ideas and attitudes in our culture can make consent difficult for individuals to understand and engage in correctly. We’ll take a look at what rights individuals have in relationships and what asking for and giving meaningful consent looks like. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to identify at least five personal rights they have with regards to relationships and describe how to appropriately ask for and give consent.

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