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Who are we?

We are a group of concerned Cedarburg parents, educators and medical professionals who feel that abstinence-only sex education is not enough to prepare teens for healthy relationships - now and into adulthood.

Specifically, we know that research confirms that abstinence-only education programs, like “Choosing the Best” taught in the Cedarburg School District, not only leave kids at risk, but stigmatize and exclude certain groups, reinforce harmful gender stereotypes, withhold medically accurate information, and undermine public health programs. We feel that the current curriculum's tactics shame non-conventional relationships and identities, and teach that all sexual activity outside of marriage leaves a person dirty, damaged, guilty, shamed and incapable of healthy relationships.

We ​are pleased to announce that we will once again be providing in-person, grade-specific alternative​ comprehensive HG&D classes to students in the Cedarburg school district in 2023. Consider opting your children out of the “Choosing the Best” portion of the HG&D curriculum​ at school (which you can do at any time by emailing the administration or your child's teacher). This not only helps kids avoid the potentially damaging messages of this program, it sends the message to the school district that many parents have serious concerns about the existing program. Read more here

How our approach differs from “Choosing the Best”

  • Responsible, comprehensive, fact-based courses taught by qualified educators and medical professionals.
  • Emphasizes abstinence as the best choice for teens while also teaching them about healthy relationships and how to make good choices now and into the future.
  • Not based on shame, guilt or prejudices.
  • Mindful of all types of relationships and identities.
  • Provides medically-accurate age-appropriate information about birth control and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Our instructors answer every question to normalize conversations about sexuality and encourage discussion about the range of values and beliefs with regard to sexuality.
  • Our instructors understand that fear and shame-based approaches can lead to an unreasonable fear of getting appropriate medical treatment (because the behavior was “wrong”), can prohibit talking with trusted adults about relationships, and can discourage kids from disclosing information to potential partners that could trigger negative reactions.

Register now for our 2023 classes!

7th graders:

Sat, Feb 4 Noon - 5pm and

Sun, Feb 5 - Noon - 5pm

Two day class. Topics include: Puberty, anatomy, fetal development and birth, and the importance of making safe and healthy decisions, now and in the future.

8th graders:

Saturday, March 11 - Noon - 5 pm

Topics include: Healthy Relationships and Life Planning

9th graders:

Saturday, January 28 - 11am - 4pm

Topics include: Consent in Relationships. 

Already familiar with our programs?  You can register your child anytime! 

The "REAL" HG&D programs are taught by educators and medical professionals who are passionate about providing teens with accurate and comprehensive HG&D information. Developed by researching HG&D programs of neigh​boring school districts, our programs give teens the knowledge and tools they need to make good decisions  throughout their lives.

Visit the Program and Information Page for course descriptions and online registration.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Visit us on Facebook by searching "Support Responsible HG&D Education for Cedarburg" or click on the FB icon:

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